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DIY- Thick, Messy Braid!

Whether you were born with thick luxurious hair or not, you can still have a thick, luxurious braid!

Just follow these 3 simple tips from the pros, and you will be well on your way to sporting a thick, messy ‘do, no matter what you have to work with!

  • This tutorial assumes you already know how to braid, but if you don’t, scroll down for full instructions on “how to” do these braids.

1. Curl It!

Curling your hair first gives you a perfect foundation before you do a braid. Especially if you have fine or thin hair, curling it will give it more volume. Curls also give your style softness around your face.

2. Plump it!Braid small


After you have finished your braid (whether it’s a French braid, fishtail, four-strand braid, you name it!), leave the elastic on the end a little loose.

Beginning at the bottom, gently tug at each section traveling up the braid (See above). This plumps up each section and gives it that soft and loose look.

3. Scrunch It!

fishtail small

This trick is specifically for a fishtail braid, but feel free to get creative and try it on other braids as well! Begin by doing a regular fishtail braid. Then, tightly pinch a small cluster of hair at the very bottom. With the other hand on the elastic, push the braid upward (see above), causing the braid to scrunch up.

Simply tuck the tail under with a bobby pin and you are ready to walk out the door!

“How To” Braid

First is the inverted French braid that Katniss rocked in The Hunger Games. You
don’t have to do it full across the back of your head like this female warrior, but
maybe a small braid on the side is more your style!

Inverted French Braid:

1. Begin by taking a small section of hair and dividing it into 3 strands.

2. This is where this braid is different than the regular French braid, so listen
closely! Take the middle strand and cross it over to the outside. (It doesn’t
matter if you choose to the left or right first.)

3. Continue this pattern – middle to outside, middle to outside, middle to
outside switching sides left to right each time. (I always say the pattern in
my head as I braid.)

4. Now that you’ve got the pattern down, you can start to add in pieces,
which will create the French braid! Don’t worry, its simple; every time you
move the middle strand to the outside, add a section of hair to it so you
pick up more hair as you go. So your pattern will sound like this: “middle
to outside, add hair; middle to outside, add hair; middle to outside, add
hair…” The more you practice, the easier it gets to hold all the sections in
your fingers and remain in control.

5. After you have finished your braid, leave the elastic on the end a little
loose. Beginning at the bottom, gently tug at each section traveling up
the braid. This action plumps up each section and gives it that soft and
loose look. The least amount of layers you have to more you can pull at it
without causing your layers to pop out, but if this happens, no biggie! Just
tuck them right back in like nothing happened.

Fishtail Braid:

Now for my absolute favorite braid, The Fishtail! This braid is so versatile; it can
create the most elegant wedding up-do or just be worn for a trip to the mall.
It’s like that perfect pair of skinny jeans that you can pair with a sequin top and
stilettos, or a flannel shirt and cowgirl boots! Okay you get the picture; the fishtail
braid is a girl’s best friend.

1. To begin, select a very small section of hair.

2. Divide it into 2 sections.

3. Now take a small piece of hair from the outside on the right section and
cross it over to the inside of the left section. Remember, you have 2
strands with this braid so I like to keep them divided and refer to them as
the left and the right.

4. Continuing with your braid, take a section from the outside of the left and
cross it over to the inside of your right strand. So it is a constant crossing
over from side to side. Try it first without adding hair and just doing a
fishtail. Once you’ve mastered that, then you can get fancy with it and…

5. Add a small section in each time you cross over.
Your pattern in your head should sound like this, “Outside-inside, outside-
inside, outside-inside, …” Meaning, take from the outside, cross it over,
and put it on the inside of the other strand. The smaller the pieces the
more intricate it will look.

6. Once you have completed your braid, secure it with an elastic.


Let us know how you chose to wear your braid this week; messy, elegant or casual!

Have any questions for Caitlin? Leave them below!



  • Reese - October 17, 2012 - 12:06 pm

    I am so excited! I tried this, and it works! I was able to do a fishtail for the first time!
    Caitlin, you rock!ReplyCancel

  • Caitlin - October 19, 2012 - 5:09 pm

    Yay! Thank you Reese! :)ReplyCancel

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