The Lovely Project is a Non-Profit Organization, headquartered in Orlando, Florida, that exists to empower girls by providing them with tools, education and peer-mentorship for living a purposeful, productive life. Our mission is for every young girl to grow into a woman who will create positive impact on the world around them. The girls we reach in our community have the opportunity to cultivate healthy friendships in a safe, fun environment while being encouraged and mentored. Our vision is for every girl to know that she is Lovely.


The idea that would become The Lovely Project began one night in Kiev, Ukraine, during a marriage conference where Dr. Crystal Evans and her husband, Pastor Mark Evans were serving as guest speakers. After ministering to women during that conference, Dr. Evans felt a clear call to come home and begin working with young women. Not just working with them, but training them up on a weekly basis to become leaders to a generation of young girls and women in the city of Orlando and beyond. During these weekly meetings, these women got real with one another, Godly principles were applied, and positive changes were made in each of their lives that not only affected them, but their entire families. Through this process a common passion became apparent: to help other girls become heal and whole women who contribute to our community.

For more than ten years now, Dr. Evans has worked together with this group of women. They have wrestled through issues such as jealousy, feeling insecure, pride, raising children, marital problems, gaining confidence, trusting, taking steps forward with careers, taking steps backward with careers, illness, burying parents, those "teen" years, and the list goes on.

One thing has become apparent to Dr. Evans through the years--the incredible potential which resides, by design, in women. Women create the environment in the home. This is the atmosphere where children either develop and grow, or stifle and wither. This is the atmosphere where relationships thrive or relationships starve.

It takes a woman who is whole to create the atmosphere that allows for healthy growth in families. Many women did not receive emotionally what they needed to reach adulthood in wholeness. Yes, they have adult bodies, but they are not adults in their responses or habits. The Lovely Project is Crystal and her team of young women who have asked the question, "How would my city be changed if the women living here were whole--emotionally, spiritually, and relationally?" That question has sparked a movement of women who are going above and beyond to connect with, relate to and empower the girls and young women in our community: The Lovely Project.


Dr. Crystal Evans, Founder & Director

Crystal Evans is wife of 36 years, mother of 4, grandmother of 7 (so far), and mentor to multitudes of young women and girls in Central Florida. A doctor of Theology, experienced counselor, and international speaker, she is the co-founder and women's pastor of Northwest Church in Orlando.

Dr. Evans is also the visionary and senior editor of The Lovely Project's online magazine, WeAreLovely.com. Her passion is to empower young women and girls to realize their incredible, God-given potential and purpose.

Leadership Team

Hope Evans, Grace McKenzie, Aslinn Bouton

Aslinn Bouton, Grace McKenzie and Hope Evans are not only lifelong best friends, they're sisters. These women have navigated the murky waters of tweens, teens, and singlehood together and are advancing forward as successful, beautiful women with a cause. They understand the value and importance of peer support and mentorship: over the past 10 years, this team of 3 has multiplied to become a team of hundreds of young ladies, ranging in age from 5-28 years old. These women represent a growing, thriving counter-culture where girls know their value, voice and valor and live their lives with purpose and dignity

Support Team

Crystal Brunton
Lovely Executive

Erika Matuszek
Administrative Support

Joy MacKubin
Lovely Executive

Christine Sellers
Administrative Coordinator


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