Having good self-esteem correlates with success later in life. For young girls, it's essential for coping with emotional stress and exercising positive decision-making. It sets the stage for a girl's entire life, yet it does not come naturally—it must be cultivated.

The Lovely Project invites girls ages 11-19 to experience a loving and caring environment where they are taught about their immense Value, powerful Voice and unstoppable Valor. There are several ways in which we reach and build long-term relationships with these girls, providing peer mentorship and opportunities to learn and grow into empowered young women who will make a positive impact in the world.

Since the beginning of The Lovely Project several years ago, literally thousands of girls' lives have been affected in a positive way by the work we are doing:


  • Lovely Experiences
  • Lovely Groups
  • Lovely Mentorships
  • Lovely Online Magazine
  • Lovely Jr


The Lovely Experience

The Focus

Twice per year we welcome girls and young women ages 11 – 19, from the community and schools to attend The Lovely Experience: one fun, power-packed day of inspiration, interactive workshops, live music and exclusive dance performances by the Northwest Dance Company. The Experience is a free event led by Lovely Project Founder Dr. Crystal Evans and teaching team Aslinn Bouton, Grace McKenzie and Hope Evans. 

Teaching Topics & Workshops

  • Overcoming Fears and Insecurities
  • Self-Control and the Importance of Making Wise Decisions 
  • Fighting Injustice/Defending Others 
  • Igniting Valor – Being Courageous and Audacious with a Purpose
  • Finding Purpose
  • Setting Goals and Aiming High
  • Choosing Healthy Friendships 
  • The Importanceof Mentorship
  • Recognizing Your Value 
  • Find Your Voice

The Results

A Lovely Experience is a one-day event that empowers girls, informing them of their value, teaching them that they have a voice, and igniting their valor--all through a high energy, fun format that bonds them together. We have held several of these events so far, and the response has overwhelmingly positive. A multitude of girls have attended the fun-filled, inspirational day, held at the Northwest campus, using a stage made specifically for dancing, aerial silks and lyra hoops. With inspirational teaching and small group discussions, the girls are ushered into a climate where they can speak with Lovely leaders about issues they face at home and school. The day ends with laughter, swag bags and tee shirts to take home. The dance team entertains and inspires with contemporary songs that teach life lessons. At this event Lovely Groups are introduced as a next step.


The Focus

Lovely Groups are safe, fun opportunities for girls to meet and grow with girls their own age. These weekly groups are led by young women who are fully vetted, trained and committed to growing with ongoing personal mentorship by The Lovely Project senior mentors and staff. Once per week, girls gather to connect with other Lovely girls for fun, to build real friendships, and for the opportunity to challenge each other to grow and live to their greatest potential.

Current Lovely Groups

  • Orlando, Florida
  • Apopka, Florida
  • UCF area
  • Longwood, Florida
  • Casselberry, Florida
  • Lockhart, Florida

The Results

Lovely Groups meet weekly where topics are discussed, and questions are asked and answered. How to maintain friendships, how to ace a job interview, surviving peer pressure, identifying self-harming behaviors and bullying are a few of the topics that get dissected in our lively Lovely groups. Some of these groups meet in homes, and others meet where the girls are, such as the YMCA and University Behavioral Center. In 2015 the door was opened to Orange County Public schools for groups to meet on campus. We have seen many girls' lives transform as they blossom and grow in these groups, which become a support system of close friends.


The Focus

Lovely Group Leaders have formed many one-on-one relationships with the girls in their Lovely Groups. In these mentor-friend relationships, girls are given the opportunity to receive individual attention, support and follow-up from a highly trained and successful leader who cares about them. Its proven that girls that have a caring mentor become thriving young women.

The Results

Lovely Group leaders are vetted and trained to not just lead and teach Lovely Groups, but to be a mentor and friend to those girls who are interested. Many of the girls in the Lovely Groups have formed a one-on-one relationship with their Lovely Group leader, which has helped to keep communication lines open when dealing with difficult issues in their lives.


The Focus

The “We Are Lovely” Online Magazine is a community for young girls and women to read real stories of struggle and victory by Lovely girls and women. The popular blog includes wise advice from The Lovely Project founder, Dr. Crystal Evans.

The Results

In 2013 we began a blog for The Lovely Project to share some of the stories of girls that have come through our doors and have been transformed. This online magazine has become a platform for Lovely girls to tell their story and hundreds of girls to be helped by the stories they read. The contributing writers to our on line magazine are themselves Lovely girls, and their stories have been beneficial in attaining wholeness. The blog gained national exposure when the article "My Father was a Sex Offender" caught the attention of HuffPost Live, resulting in a live interview with the author of the story, who is the daughter of a convicted sex offender.


Lovely Jr

The Focus

The Lovely Experience have been so successful with girls ages 11+ that we wanted to include girls that were not old enough to attend the event but wanted to be a part of it. In late 2014 we launched the first Lovely Jr., a half-day event for girls ages 5-10 years of age to discover their dignity, adventure, and bravery as precious daughter. 

The Results

Young attendees came dressed up as their favorite princess, cowgirl, or warrior and had an amazing day they'll never forget!